CHL - Medical Centre - Institute for health and Life with Holistic Concept

Project plan 2020  -  Investment in 1st Class Medical and Holistic Medicine Institute in Europe

  • The most modern and holistic medicine, enduring regeneration and prevention Medical concept has been setting standards for a healthy and active life full of vitality.
  • Doctors, specialists and other in this Institute belong to the most prominent experts in their fields and every detail is tailored to your individual needs. Together with you, they will coordinate every detail specifically to your individual requirements. Give yourself the most precious gift of all and discover how much more active, happier and efficient your life can be.
  • This New Institute has been setting standards in modern medicine, paving the way to a healthier life. Reward yourself with the most precious gift - and discover how much more active, happier and more powerful you can feel.
  • The innovative Concept combines holistic medicine with regeneration and prevention in modern medicine.
  • At Institute for health and Life (CHL), we combine the latest findings in international top-class medicine with traditional healing methods. All our guest will benefit from a sensitive and comprehensive range of diagnostics based on Modern  Medicine which are complemented by individual medical modules and if you Wish with Holistic Medical approuch.
  • In decades of research, we developed a future oriented and unique health concept: Our Concept is an intelligent symbiosis of modern medicine, naturopathy, validated therapy methods and the latest scientific research, all based in a pleasant atmosphere. This sensitive combination is intended to help guests to regenerate physically and mentally and rid themselves of unnecessary ballast.
  • Thanks to this concept, we offer 1st Class regenerative and preventive medicine with the detoxification and deacidification of the body in Europe.
  • Only a detoxified body is capable of regenerating and responding to different treatments.
  • This modern detoxification therapy allows body, mind and soul to activate their self-healing powers.
  • Find your own peace with Yoga and Meditation with Swami (yogy)...Dark Room also will be avaiable.
  • Salt water pool and medical cold chamber
  • Honey Chamber for recovery Your Lungs
  • Health consciousness and regeneration are as important today as ever before. And only those who are physically healthy also feel mentally fit.
  • Our Special treatment can extend human life Up To 10 Year with every treatment with Stem Cell and Telomer DNK (Deoxyribonucleic acid) Regeneration and Reconvalescencion.
  • Medical Package Plan for Tourist and Patient: 5 and 10 day package for a healthier and more vital life.
  • Price from 5.000-50.000€ for each Patient or Tourist. Stem Cell Therapy and Telomer DNK Therapy from 20.000-80.000€.
  • Our Dermaplan leaves you with a glowing complexion and inner radiance, and has a powerful effect on both your presence and personal appearance. New awareness leads to new charisma, making you feel naturally attractive and self-confident. As a result, with extensive programme of ultra-innovative skin treatments which combine medical cosmetics with pioneering techniques and processes skin therapists and leading international cosmetic laboratories.
  • Holistic Medicine give yourself the most valuable gift of all and discover how much more active, happier and productive your life can be. The most modern, holistic medicine, enduring regeneration and prevention.
  • Also we work with new Concept Reproduction of Your Own Stem Cell

Invest and step into your new life

  • Our project is to open new Medical and Holistic Medical centre
    • Type of business: Institute for health in accordance with nature
    • Our project report also maintains that will grow by over next five years with Up to 12% return pro year.
    • Start-up Assets: Start Up assets can generate excellent returns
    • No other Institute like this in this part of Europe.
    • Management team with record of success
    • The development is due to complete in Q2 2020.
    • Location: Croatia (EU member)
    • Target Population: USA, UK, Italian, Austrian, German, Sweden, Finland, Danmark and Croatian.
    • Investment: 42.000.000 €
    • Min.investment 840.000 € for 2% Ownership
    • Max. Investment 21.000.000€ for 50% Ownership
    • Up To 14% Projected Annual Yield
    • Brand New Development With A Modern Interior Design
    • Project number: 40800
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