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Shopping Centre Marina






Q2 2022 or Q3 2022


Project: Shopping Centre Marina

  • Less Than 2 and half hour Away From Major City Zagreb
  • Luxury Complex with Adriatic Marina, 5*Star Hotel Complex, Golf Course and Golf Academy and large Apartment Resort
  • All Objects is due to complete in Q2 2022 or Q3 2022
  • Up To 18% Projected Annual  Yield with Rent
  • Brand New Development With A Modern Interior Design.


Project: Shopping Centre Marinas with 400 business premises

  • 45.000.000 € for 400 business premises, Restaurant, Bar, Casino, SPA, Supermarket on 80.000 sq m (m2)
  • Near airport and Heliodrome.
  • The development is due to complete in Q2 2022 or Q3 2022.
  • Minimum investment are 450.000€ for 1% Ownership.
  • Max.Investment Up To 75%
  • Up To 18% Annual Projected Yield
  • Brand New Development With A Modern Interior Design.
  • Exclusive atmosphere
  • Modern architecture with Mediterranean design
  • Investment:
    • 45.000.000 €
    • Min.investment 450.000 € for 1% Ownership
    • Max. Investment  33.750.000€ for 75% Ownership
  • Investment status
    • 12% is sold
    • 13% is reserved
    • Up To 18% Projected Annual Yield
    • The Project starts with construction with 40% Sold
    • Project number: 892000
  • Size /80 000m2
  • Client /Grafin Invest
  • Discipline /MP. AR. ID. BX
  • Sector /Retail

Location Information

  • Located on the Adriatic Sea, the Marina district will become a world-class, residential mixed-use community and marina for Croatia and the International Business Project.
  • Our plan for the marina district features state-of-the-art boating and marina facilities and diverse residential, retail, office, community, hotel, and public space uses.
  • With close to 2.400,000 square meters of development, the Marina district is both a unique living environment and one-of-a-kind destination experience.
  • Most importantly, this district integrates seamlessly with Local Touristic Zone through a clearly articulated street and transit network and a significant public realm that provides waterfront promenades, parks, and plazas.
  • Our concept for the marina district contributes to the surrounding region and the larger waterfront development strategy of Croatia Marine Sector, while fulfilling the vision for this site as outlined in Plan 2022.
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