• When purchasing with Grafin Investment we help you with every step of buying your property abroad. We are trained to help you choose your property and give you unbiased advice on the property market but also we train them up to save you money and time. 
  • We decided to put together for you, giving you confidence in buying with us and knowing all those little things you might not have even thought of when buying property abroad is all taken care of by your account manager.
  • So here is what Investment promises you Guaranteed!


  • Unlike most companies we do not charge any fees or charge very small fees. With this in mind we guarantee we introduce you to properties at the lowest price possible on the market as they are coming straight from the developer so you will not find them any cheaper, and to show how confident we are in offering you the lowest price on the market we will throw in a price match guarantee.


  • Time is one thing you cannot buy, but Grafin Investment can actually give you it guaranteed. How do we do this? We have researched furniture shops, Lawyers, currency companies, insurance companies plus more which you will need to make your purchase the simplest it can be. We have handpicked from literally thousands of companies, the best and most respectable out there giving you the best value for money, but most of all saving you hours and hours of time guaranteed. Please see our services page and have a look at what we do for you, so you don't have to.

Referral Scheme

  • Customer care is at the very core of our business. For this reason over half of our sales are generated from existing customer leads. Therefore, we feel it is important to reward our clients for their commitment to us and for this reason we have set up a referral payment scheme, in order for us to reward you for your loyalty.
How does it work?
  • Our referral scheme is a very simple and easy way for you to earn some money. All that you need to do is provide the contact details to us of a friend or family who is interested in purchasing a property or get them to quote your name on contact with us. If this referral results in a sale, you will be paid after end of project within 30 days. Simple!
How much money I will receive?
  • For any purchases acquired you will receive 8-20% depense project you choose.

How will I receive payment?

  • Once the purchases acquired depense renatal or sale combination you will receive money will be paid within 7 days. Either into your bank account via bank transfer or we can provide you with a cheque if so requested.
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Invest with Loan

  • Loan terms up to 20 years
  • Up to 10.000.000 €
  • Interest  from 2,8% / Year
  • Up to 60% Loan of Your Investition
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